Tours Galore

Hello Cruisers,

⦿ We’re delighted to present you all with the following tours for our upcoming 2024 10th Anniversary Far East Cruise aboard Spectrum of the Seas this March! We know that these tours will take you on a captivating exploration of iconic local landmarks in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand!
⦿ Please read through the following tours carefully and remember that we have two stops in Singapore and Malaysia during our cruise.

⦿ Please note that the tour itineraries are subject to potential adjustments on the day of the tour to ensure a seamless experience. These alterations are intended to mitigate any potential traffic or crowd-related delays, thus guaranteeing that we adhere to the ship’s departure schedule. Our utmost priority is to offer you a smooth and enjoyable journey, and we’ll take all necessary measures to accommodate any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. Rest assured, your satisfaction and timely return to the ship remains at the forefront of our planning.


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