Flavours of Penang


⦿ Date: Friday, March 22nd 2024   Duration: 4 hours

⦿ Celebrated across Asia for its vibrant fusion of Eastern cultures, making it Malaysia’s cultural hub, Penang is a treasure trove of diverse experiences waiting to be explored.

⦿ Your adventure begins with a visit to the expansive New World Park Food Court, a culinary haven offering a multitude of Penang’s specialities under one roof. Explore the bustling streets of Penang, where local vendors serve a tantalising array of street food considered among the finest in the world. Indulge in a variety of local delicacies, from the renowned Bak Kut Teh (herbed pork soup) to flavourful curry noodles and delectable Chinese dumplings.

⦿ While at the centre, seize the opportunity to peruse the stalls at Lim Wah Thai Food Market, delving into the world of spices and special sauces that enrich the local cuisine. Conclude your day with a shopping escapade at the vibrant Little India market, where the bustling atmosphere and diverse offerings add a delightful cultural flair to your experience.

⦿ NB: Meal costs are to be settled locally, with dishes typically ranging from MYR5 to MYR15 as a general guideline.


Tour Inclusions

✓ Private Transportation

✓ Tour Guide

✓ Bottled Drinking Water

Tour Exclusions

X Entrance Fees

X Food and Drink


Flavours of Penang

Flavours of Penang: £ 55.20


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