There is no such thing as an ordinary ocean cruise. There are many different types available from an extensive list of cruise lines. Ocean cruise ships are built to sail across all of the world’s oceans and will dock at ports of call in many different parts of the world. From the Artic to Australia, the choice of destinations and itineraries are endless, and there is a cruise for everyone.

However, it is important that cruisers keep in mind the following: not all ocean cruises are created equal. Ships built for ocean cruises are normally larger in size and can carry up to 6,000 passengers. Although it varies between cruise lines, ships for ocean cruises are loaded with activities, such as sky diving simulators, casinos, bowling alleys, rock climbing walls and spacious theatres, to list a few. On the other hand, some ships host smaller crowds and offer a more luxurious and personalised cruise experience.

Small ocean ships can range from beautifully equipped yachts that can hold as few as 30 passengers to boutique cruise ships that can hold 1,300 passengers. Along with small ocean ships, there are expedition ships that provide a more in-depth program of activities designed to immerse you in the many wonders of your destination.

If you are thinking about booking an ocean cruise, there are a few things you must consider, such as what type of cruiser you are. Do you want to relax by the pool, or are you the type that likes to keep active? Many ocean cruise ships can accommodate everybody’s preferences. Ocean cruises are a great way to see the world and relax whilst travelling in stylish accommodations. If you’re looking for a holiday that caters to your needs, you should consider an ocean cruise, and All Aboard Ship Ahoy can help you to make the choice that’s right for you.

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