Shop ‘Till You Drop

MSC Seaview was the fifteenth addition to MSC Cruises’ fleet in 2018 and boasts a wide selection of the best boutiques at sea, stocked with all your favourite high-end brands so that you can have the best shopping experience during your cruise and shop ‘till you drop! Named U.S. News’ …

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5 Places We’re Excited to “Sea” on MSC Seaview

Boredom is not an option onboard MSC Seaview. This mega-ship offers a variety of eateries, restaurants, bars and entertainment. Ranked the 3rd best mega-ship cruise line by the Readers’ Choice Awards in 2020, MSC’s Seaview, which has been sailing since June 2018, is one of the newer ships in their …

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First, We Eat !

As you may know, onboard every cruise ship is an abundance of food and a variety of restaurants from which you can choose from. On this 4,180-passenger cruise ship, Quantum of the Seas boasts 18 dining options for its passengers. These venues are divided into two categories: Complimentary Dining (no …

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If You Love Food, You Will Love Cruising

Food is everywhere on cruise ships. Delicious and varied meals are offered at a variety of venues. Anthem of the Seas has 18 dining venues, and you will have 8 days to explore them. These venues are divided into two categories: Complimentary Dining (No Charge) and Specialty Dining (which has …

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Fun For The Kids & Teens ‍‍‍

Please read the following from Celebrity Cruises. A space of their own with activities for every age. You can relax knowing your kids are having the vacation of a lifetime, too, with hangouts designed just for them, individualised attention from our experienced staff, and uniquely Celebrity programs to engage both …

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10 Things Not To Do In the UAE

1. (Not) To The Left, To The Left Don’t greet anyone with a left-handed shake. Don’t open doors with your left hand. Don’t hand somebody something, especially food, with your left hand. Definitely don’t eat with your left hand. Note: Left Handed people should try to become ambidextrous as best …

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The Dubai Frame

Dubai’s latest addition. As you know, Dubai’s landscape is ever-changing; each month, this rapidly developing city has new marvels which astonish the world. The latest marvel will be The Dubai Frame, The Dubai Frame is said to be “an aesthetic icon and architectural landmark that culturally connects the past with …

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6 Facts About Goa

In the western region of India, the small state of Goa is located. This state, which was colonised by the Portuguese for 450 years, has an almost unbroken 70 km of coastline, which stretches along the Arabian Sea. With its crystal clear, idyllic beaches, 54 to be precise, bustling nightlife, …

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Aladdin’s City

Whilst overlooking the panoramic views from The Dubai Frame, you will be able to see another addition to Dubai, Aladdin’s City. Inspired by the fictional main character from the Middle Eastern folk tale ‘Arabian Nights’ and the more modern 1992 Disney film ‘Aladdin’, Aladdin’s City is made up of six …

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