6 Facts About Santorini

Famous for its clifftop crisp white cascading houses and royal blue-domed chapels, Santorini is one of Greece’s most popular islands. But how much do you know about the island we will visit during our 2023 Eastern Mediterranean Cruise? Below, we detail six weird and wonderful facts about Santorini. Enjoy!

All Are Welcome

With only a small population of 15,000, Santorini welcomes over 2 million tourists each year with their signature ξενία (Xenia) hospitality.

By Order Of The Gods ⚡️

We all know the Gods Zeus and Athena, but did you know that they are also called Zeus Xenios and Athene Xenia? Whilst Zeus is the god of thunder and Athena is the goddess of war and wisdom, they are also the patrons of foreigners/strangers. By their law, known as the Law of Xenia (ξενία), the people of Greece have a moral obligation to be hospitable to all.

A Very Spirited Island ✝️

Santorini is home to some 450 churches. There are apparently more churches than houses on the island.

Simply Blue-tiful!

Whilst many may think that the homes and chapels in Santorini are painted in the patriotic colours of the Greek flag, you may be surprised to learn that their colouring is for two simple reasons; climate and cost. White was used to act as a coolant against the summery weather of the island, and blue was used for its inexpensiveness.

The Legend, The Myth, The Mystery

The legendary lost city of Atlantis, as written by the renowned Greek philosopher, Plato, is just a didactic myth to most. However, according to some scientists, researchers and archaeologists, Santorini is believed to be one of the possible locations for this long-lost utopia!

On Cloud Wine

Santorini is known for its wine, particularly the award-winning Assyrtiko. With sparse rainfall on the island, wine is often more abundant than water!



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6 Facts About Santorini

Famous for its clifftop crisp white cascading houses and royal blue-domed chapels,...

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