Before You Cruise News

Hello Cruisers,

As we prepare to set sail on our 2023 Eastern Med Cruise this October, one crucial aspect to consider is ensuring a seamless travel experience by understanding the visa requirements for each of our captivating ports of call. Please review the information below for all relevant details as of September 4th 2023.

Please note the following:

⦿ Regardless of your intentions to explore a port or remain onboard, a visa (should you need one) is required before your cruise holiday begins. Failure to obtain a required visa may result in denied boarding in Athens. This does not apply to visas that can be obtained on arrival.

⦿ Canadian Cruisers: From September 3rd 2023, your visa requirements for entry into Egypt have changed. Please note this information is new and may not be reflected on every website in your search engine. Please read through your new visa requirements for Egypt carefully.

⦿ Finally, if you require further information, please contact the relevant embassies or consulates.


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