Asia from Keelung


Departs Duration Sail From Ship
29th March 2025 4 Nights Taipei (Keelung), Taiwan MSC Bellissima


Taipei (Keelung), Taiwan

With over 2,600,000 inhabitants, Taipei is the largest city on the island of Taiwan and its capital. It represents the fulcrum of the country: the headquarters of the government is located here and it is the cultural and commercial center of Taiwan. An MSC Cruise will take you inside this crossroads of Japanese and Chinese cultures, where the ancient and modern coexist with no distinction. One of the symbols of the city is the Taipei 101 Tower, named for the fact that there are 101 floors. First known as the Taipei World Financial Center, it is located in the Xinyi district. Reachable on an MSC excursion, this singular construction, built in 2004, is bamboo-shaped and its 509 meters in height made it the the tallest building in the world in 2004: today, it is in fifth place; first place is held by Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is also one of the destinations that can be reached with an excursion: a white building with a blue octagonal roof, whose colors also reflect the national flag, it is a symbol of freedom, equality and brotherhood. Consisting of 89 steps, one for each year of the leader’s life, it is surrounded by Chinese-style gardens and buildings housing examples of Taiwanese culture.
Considered one of the most important monuments of the 20th century, the Memorial Hall tells the story of the head of the Chinese nationalist government which was in charge from 1950 to 1975; the hall opened in 1980. More than 700 thousand pieces representing 8,000 years of Chinese history and art from the Neolithic to the present day are exhibited in the National Palace Museum which can be visited on an MSC excursion. The museum was once located inside the walls of the Forbidden City of Beijing. In 1949, it was moved to the Shilin district in Taipei, into the current building, after the government of the Republic of China was also transferred.

At Sea
At Sea
At Sea
Tokyo, Japan

Your MSC cruise will take you to Tokyo, symbol of Japanese modernity and traditions. Located on the island of Honshū, this metropolis has almost 14 million inhabitants and is the capital of Japan.
It is a multifaceted city, with futuristic buildings and skyscrapers, historical and religious monuments, ancient districts and lush parks. Not to mention art, music, design, shopping and theatre. This city has everything, so much so, that it is impossible to see it all. MSC offers a few excursions to give you the possibility to focus your visit on the places that you should really see. Like the historic district of Asakusa, named after a guard of the city of Tokyo, famous for the Sensō-ji Buddhist temple dedicated to the bodhisattva Kannon.

You can also take an excursion to marvel at modern Tokyo, starting from the famous district of Shibuya and the Shibuya crossing, the busiest intersection in the world, where six major roads converge. Moving on, you can lose yourself in the city’s many state-of-the-art buildings, like the Sumida Hokusai Museum, the experimental architecture in Ginza or the almost 300-feet high Ao Building. Strolling along the Sumida River, which flows through the city, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the wonders of Tokyo.

There is an excursion that will take you to the most important of the many museums in this metropolis, like the Tokyo National Museum, which houses artistic and archaeological finds, the MairaKan, a permanent exhibition of emerging science and innovation, or the Edo Tokyo Open Air Museum, which preserves the city’s architectural heritage. The National Art Center in Roppongi ‒ part of the Roppongi Art Triangle together with the Mori Art Museum and the Suntory Museum of Art ‒ is an absolute must. The district of Roppongi itself is also well worth a visit: with its Tokyo Tower, it is a city within a city, full of restaurants, clubs, bars and shops for a shopping spree.


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